We curate engaging, family-friendly, touring exhibitions, celebrating creative recycling, for museums, galleries and visitor attractions.

Treasures from Trash is a bespoke exhibition, tailored for each venue. It includes selected artefacts, ready-framed location photographs and videos of makers at work.

We can supply modular free-standing trash tower displays, made from recycled desks, as well as pre-rigged wall-hung display cases.

Our knowtrash collection can be presented by themes, from cooking to lighting to play (as seen at the Eden Project, Stockport Hat Museum, Stockport Story, Gloucester Scrapstore, and the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre), or by common waste materials (as seen at Croydon Museum and Stockwood Discovery Centre).

We worked with Rugby Art Gallery and Museum to curate The Art of Social Enterprise, featuring inspiring community groups from India, Egypt, Uganda, South Africa and the Philippines, who work with trash.

Contact us to discuss hiring a bespoke exhibition for your venue.