Fabulous exhibition and a tribute to creativity, I love it.

Superb, appeals as much to adults as the youngest visitor, no mean achievement.

I am going home to make things from recycled materials.

Sobering and inspiring at the same time.

Makes one think twice about what we throw away and what can be re-used.

A great way to make westerners realize how wasteful they are.

Enthralling and marvellous, a real eye-opener and lovely that it’s interactive.

How it reminded me that even our parents generation would make do and mend and we seem to have forgotten how.

The ingenuity and imagination of the creators inspired me.

I really liked the fact that it was unique, it was beautiful. I think that the recycled cans made into hats were very intriguing.

Really cool – we learned a lot. We might try making things like this at home.

The skill shown by the makers’ hands with something normally thrown away!! BRILLIANT!